The White Collection reflects the 20th century Italian Jewelry concept glorifying white and gold diamonds while preserving the classic elegance coalesced with the ideal execution.

White Gold Necklace

18 ct. 62.10 grams White Gold Princess Style 22.29 ct. Diamond Cluster Necklace.

Suggested Retail Price € 60.340,00

Some jewelry from Blanche collection


18 ct. 11.50 grams White Gold 2.42 ct. Diamond Cluster Ring. Suggested Retail Price € 6.642,00


18 ct. 20.25 grams White Gold 7.32 ct. Diamond Cluster Drop Earrings Clip Back. Suggested Retail Price € 19.645,00


18 ct. 10.80 grams White Gold 2.70 ct. Diamond Flower Cluster Ring. Suggested Retail Price € 6.953,00


18 ct. 16.00 grams White Gold 5.10 ct. Diamond Flower Cluster Earrings Clip Back. Suggested Retail Price € 11.384,00

White Gold Bracelet

18 ct. 16.30 grams White Gold 7.00 ct. Diamond Cluster Bracelet.

Suggested Retail Price € 15.829,00

Claudio Fiorentino Jewels

Since 1929 jewelery that interpret the fashions of the times

Realized together with an experienced team of designers and craftsmen Valenzani, these jewelry genuine translate the insights of Claudio who has always carefully so that the influences of fashion jewelry can be worn and lived by the woman more and more freely as sensual language and personality.