Coral, playing a vital role in the folk tradition of Sicilian jewellery since the 18th century, flamboyantly swirls itself into the sophistication residing in contemporary Italian Jewellery.

Coral & Diamond White Gold Earrings

18K white gold earrings with red corals along with white brilliant cut diamonds.

Some Jewellery from The Coral Collection

Coral Earrings

18K gold earrings with brilliant cut diamonds and white coral.

Coral Pendant

18K white gold pendant with red coral and brilliant cut diamonds.

Coral Earrings

18K white and rose gold earrings with brilliant cut diamonds, rhodolite and red coral.

Coral Ring

18K white gold ring with brilliant cut diamonds and white & rose coral.

White Gold Necklace with Coral & Diamonds

18K white gold necklace with red coral & diamonds.

Claudio Fiorentino Jewels

Since 1929 jewellery that interpret the fashions of the times.

Claudio Fiorentino, heir of Palermo’s most famous family of jewellers, whose tradition dates back to 1929 when his grandfather Emanuele opened the first gold workshop in Palermo. Claudio continues this tradition today by presenting a new lines of jewellery that carries his name, his personality, being reflected at every stage of creation.