Claudio Fiorentino Jewels

Since its founding in 1929, The Fiorentino has customized their jewelry interpreting the fashions of the times.

The Origins

Emanuele's grandfather opened his first jewelry workshop in Sicily with its "1PA" brand. His creative force is directed towards the production of rings, earrings, pendants and necklaces featuring both classic diamond solitaires, appropriately surrounded by baroque pearls and precious stones. In the last thirty years the grandchildren have created a production chain of laboratories working solely on Fiorentino design and whose exclusive creations, reserved for a select clientele, are dealt with Fiorella Trend trademarks and Claudio Fiorentino.

The Present

Claudio Fiorentino, grandson of Emmanuel, founder of the first jewelry workshop in Sicily, has a distinctly trendy taste and passionate evolution of vintage jewelry, from the early '900 to the' 60s, has created its own line "Solar "accentuated by the color effects and the large proposing virtual games of diamonds and colored stones.

Realized together with an experienced team of designers and craftsmen Valenzani, these jewelry genuine translate the insights of Claudio who has always carefully so that the influences of fashion jewelry can be worn and lived by the woman more and more freely as sensual language and personality.